One of the objectives of the national music week is to create a kind of appreciation and understanding of the value of music in terms of how it is accepted into the nation, community, the home and the world at large. The National Music Week is normally sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs which is also known as NFMC.

The National Music Week is considered to be a very important aspect especially when it comes to the observance of different genres and types of music that are available. It also tends to give us an opportunity to focus on music as a kind of dynamic and as a means of communication between different people. It also has the advantage of serving as a great force that can be used to maintain and encourage unity and peace between people.

Music is a very common thing and is one of the things that has been known to bring people together. It is considered to be a way of promoting peace and unity. Also, the use of music is able to positively promote sympathy as well as friendliness among different people of a particular community. The composer of a particular song is able to express different moods to the person or people who are listening to the music that they have created. What this is able to do is ensure that the listeners of the music are able to have a kind of mystical awareness that is able to take the listeners away from their troubles and cares. Music is considered to be a language that is understood by many different people around the world. Whether or not a particular music is used either internationally or nationally, it is a very effective way of creating harmony and peace among people.

Any group or any person who is interested or has an interest of participating or sponsoring the National Music Week is allowed to do so. You do not have to be a member of the NFMC for you to be able to participate in such a contribution. The following groups are some of the people who can join in this kind of celebration.

  • Theatre groups
  • Banks, business firms and malls
  • Recreation centers
  • Girl and Boy Scout troops
  • Teacher/parent associations
  • The various chambers of commerce
  • Private and public schools
  • Churches
  • Music teachers and music schools as well
  • Bands, choral groups and orchestras
  • Service clubs and music clubs
  • Libraries

This kind of celebration is done each and every year in the month of May. For you to be able to have a national music celebration that is successful, it is important that the coordination and the observation are done in the right way. Some of the local music clubs that are available can decide to take charge and ensure that all the groups that have volunteered to support the event are cooperating as required.

Just in case, the celebration that you are going to be holding is a large one, it may be a very good idea for you to set up a committee which should be concerned with the necessary planning of the event. The committee should contain the secretary, a chairman and a reporter. However, if your club or your committee already has a chairman, you may only have to invite other groups in so that they are going to be able to participate in their own way. This may be very advantageous since you may not need to do any more organizations and if so, it may be a very smooth process for you. The advisors or the chairman can be elected or voted in by all the members so as to ensure that everything is done in a fair way.

Each elected chairman in the National Music Week should ask for a kind of proclamation from the Governor of the national music week and after doing so, he or she should make copies so that they can be available to anyone who may need it. Putting the national music week celebrations in each of your budgets is one of the best ways of ensuring that the right amount of money is going to be set aside for the celebration and that no borrowing is going to take place.



There are many brands and models of music stand lights on the market today that are quite affordable. However, not all will always offer you value for your money. It’s for this reason you are advised to do some homework before deciding on any of these products. The best thing is that with an array of choice available you always get one that will best meet your needs. The benefits of using music stand lights solely depend on what you actually want to achieve. However, technology and materials used to make the product also will determine the value that you will get. At the end of the day, the value should never be compromised over price. In other words, with high quality comes the many benefits of these particular products.

If you find it difficult to get the ideal product, do not hesitate to solicit expert help. The following are some of the top benefits you get when you make a correct choice;

Better material used and durability; If you want to cut down on costs associated with lighting and enjoy high utility value, then definitely these products are for you. They are made of the best material on the market like aluminum, powder coating, and others that fall in the same range. What this means is that you will get high value and not waste time on poor quality products that are more of a waste of money.

Technology; the music stand light incorporate the use of the latest technologies that guarantee high functionality rates. This means that if you do your research and buy the correct brand you will always enjoy the best of lighting possible. In fact, you will find it easier to use these products even if you are not tech savvy because of the many reliable designs available.

No bulb replacement; this is one of the top benefits that is associated with music stand lights. The use of LED lighting in these products makes it possible for you to avoid incurring extra costs that come with bulb replacement. If you have been thinking of eliminating costs, look no further! Overall, LED lights will not only cut down energy costs save you the trouble of replacements.

Choice; this is one thing that makes the music stand lights a better choice as you can always choose from many brands and models. It’s for this reason you can buy a high-quality product at very competitive prices.

Page Coverage; the most versatile music stand light brands will always offer you value for your money. In regard to page coverage, they perform much better than other products that fall in the same range. It is highly recommended to go for these products especially if you want to save money, too. The best brand and models on the market are known to last a lifetime.

In a nutshell, the benefits of using music stand lights are what makes these products a better choice for users. They are not only versatile and reliable but will tremendously cut down your overall costs. In regard to maintenance, these are the kind of products that will never dent your bank account.

Whether you are playing the cello, violin, or guitar, a good music stand is an absolute must. These stands hold the sheet music or book in place so that the player can keep reading the music at a comfortable eye level. Traditionally stands are a solid build meant for continuous use in one spot; however more portable, lightweight, and convenient options have been developed and are now commonly preferred for any musician or group who travels.

These portable stand options are commonly called folding stands and are widely loved by schools and musicians alike. Before beginning to search the best folding stands, it’s essential to look at the pros and cons of this particular type of stand to ensure that it will suit your needs, price, and overall expectations.


Pros and Cons of Folding Music Stands

Pro: Portability
One of the biggest positive features of the best folding stands, really any folding music stand is that they are so portable. For kids heading to various camps, plays, or events where they will be playing an instrument in, folding stands are invaluable. Additionally, traveling music groups or even individuals who play instruments and want to go from one house to the next for practice, will find that their folding stand is by far an essential piece of equipment due to its portability.

Con: Capable of only holding a few sheets
A huge complaint about many owners of a folding stand is that they are incapable of holding more than just a few sheets of paper. This can be problematic when there are multiple songs, or even an extended song that spans over many sheets. Individuals looking for a stand that has the ability to hold a music book or a plethora of music sheets will have to look at some of the best folding stands as a possible choice, however even those have their limitations and cannot hold nearly as much as a standard stand.

Finding the right music stand for your needs is a difficult choice. The portability and ease of use for the folding stands may make them a desirable option for those who are constantly on the go, while the inability to even hold a full music book may make them completely useless. For most, the price and convenience of a folding stand make them a perfect secondary stand and area perfect accompanying stand to the traditional and non-portable option.
The Pros of a folding music stand

Available in a myriad of colors
When a child, teenager, or even an adult is looking at music stands, one of the biggest draws towards a particular folding stand is the fact that they are available in a wide range of colors. From your traditional black or grey options, clear to pink, yellow, blue, green, and anything in between – you’ll find that a folding music stand like the Crafty Gizmos Adjustable Folding Stand is a perfect way to inject a bit of color and fun into your equipment!


Quality matches price
Sometimes finding the best option of a particular item can be difficult because there are so many different makes, the designs are different, and oftentimes the quality of the materials are vastly different. When it comes to finding the best folding music stands, you generally need to look at the better-priced options. The old adage ”you get what you pay for’ is particularly true in the way of folding stands, so use this as a general guide when deciding on which one to buy.

Adjustable legs
Another positive feature about folding stands is that their legs are adjustable. This can mean essential floor space for a large performing group that you simply wouldn’t be able to get a standard stand.

Look professional yet are affordable
Lastly, you can get a professional black music stand in a folding option for a great price when compared to their standard alternatives. Generally less than $50 per folding stand, these options are preferred for many and are an economical solution.
The Cons of a folding music stand

Must be modified for outdoor use
Many of the folding stands are not suited for outdoor use because they are lightweight. While being lighter is often thought of as a positive feature, it means that you have to weigh down the legs to prevent them from tipping over for outdoor use.

Do not have the ornate detail of a traditional music stand
A folding stand is a convenient option that, unfortunately, lacks some of the beautiful ornate designs that traditional stands have. Some of wooden or iron stands are stunningly intricate and feature some absolutely amazing designs. Unfortunately with a folding stand you simply get a plain stand that can only be customized based on color.

Can be difficult to maintain a tilted support
Another complaint owner of a folding stand is that the tilted support is often lacking and insufficient. With the few papers on it, the tilted support is capable of staying at any set angle; however what oftentimes happens is that the stands are incapable of holding an effective amount of weight. If you attempt to put a music book on the stand and the folding stand has a lower tolerance for weight, then you’ll find that the tilt will simply collapse and the book will fall off.

Are incapable of supporting an attachable light
Lastly, a folding stand is incapable of handling a clip on light or an attachable light. If you are playing in lower light settings, you will have to use a separate light to make the sheet music easier to see. In a place where space may be limited, this can be a hindrance for the player.

A traditional music stand can support a number of attachments on it including a clip on light for easier music reading. This is why it’s essential to really look at what conditions the stand will primarily be used in before purchasing one.